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Career Opportunities

As a Customer Support Representative, you will play a vital role in ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer experiences.
As a Virtual Assistant, you will be handling diverse tasks and contributing to the efficient functioning of our clients' businesses.
As a Web Developer, you will be responsible for building websites according to our clients’ branding guidelines and maintaining security, functionality, and overall performance. You’ll be working closely with our team to ensure all content is up-to-date and accurate. 
Join our team as a Content Writer! Create compelling and engaging content for web pages, blogs, social media, and more. Apply now.

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Applies to all Dumaguete-based (and surrounding municipalities) hires only. Remote hires may have a different set of benefits.

  • HMO Coverage

    Probationary and Regular Employees

  • Overtime Pay

    Overtime Pay 30% in excess of 40 hours per week

  • Internet OR Transportation Allowance

    Depending on your work setup, we will provide you with either internet or transportation allowance.

  • Night Differential

    20% Night Differential from 10 PM - 6 AM

  • Leave Benefits

    Leaves Up to 89% Convertible to cash. 12 Sick Leaves, 12 Vacation Leaves, 3 Bereavement Leaves, Solo parent leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave

  • Guaranteed Annual Increase

    2% - 5% of Basic Pay (Based on Performance)

  • Hybrid Work Setups

    Qualified employees are provided with basic equipment for work at home setups.

Others Benefits Include:
Wellness Subsidy, Perfect Attendance Incentives, Loyalty Award