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Virtual Assistant

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Have excellent organizational skills? Join our team as a Virtual Assistant!ūüĒé

As a Virtual Assistant, you will be handling diverse tasks and contributing to the efficient functioning of our clients’ businesses. If you enjoy working independently and thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, this role is perfect for you.


  • Assist the client in day-to-day administrative activities and document preparation
  • Perform general administrative tasks, including file organization and data entry
  • Keep an organized list of tasks and documents for the client¬†
  • Manage email correspondence and respond to inquiries promptly
  • Coordinate and manage calendars, ensuring effective time management
  • Schedule appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements
  • Conduct research and compile data for reports and presentations
  • Anticipate, monitor, and organize schedules according to executive priorities¬†
  • Maintain and update databases, spreadsheets, and other digital records
  • Take on multiple tasks, shift priorities quickly, prioritize, and achieve timely and thorough completion of assignments.¬†


  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in using productivity tools, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to adapt to new software and digital tools quickly
  • Proven experience as a Virtual Assistant or relevant administrative role
  • Strong planning and organizational skills with keen attention to detail and a demonstrated track record of managing projects
  • Strong attention to detail, execution, and follow-through, and enjoy being accountable and requiring minimal supervision
  • Consistent, reliable, and accurate, with the ability to automate, document, and consistently improve your daily workflow
  • Can communicate professionally, can operate in a dynamic environment, and can work independently with minimal supervision

We’re looking for someone who: 

  • Shows a high level of initiative
  • Has great analytical & Problem-solving skills¬†
  • Has adaptable and teachable personality¬†
  • Is open to work night shifts
  • Must value family, respect, teamwork, compassion, and personal growth.

Applies to all Dumaguete-based (and surrounding municipalities) hires only. Remote hires may have a different set of benefits.

  • HMO Coverage

    Probationary and Regular Employees

  • Overtime Pay

    Overtime Pay 30% in excess of 40 hours per week

  • Internet OR Transportation Allowance

    Depending on your work setup, we will provide you with either internet or transportation allowance.

  • Night Differential

    20% Night Differential from 10 PM - 6 AM

  • Leave Benefits

    Leaves Up to 89% Convertible to cash. 12 Sick Leaves, 12 Vacation Leaves, 3 Bereavement Leaves, Solo parent leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave

  • Guaranteed Annual Increase

    2% - 5% of Basic Pay (Based on Performance)

  • Hybrid Work Setups

    Qualified employees are provided with basic equipment for work at home setups.

Others Benefits Include:
Wellness Subsidy, Perfect Attendance Incentives, Loyalty Award