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Pac Biz Holds Contest for Ugliest Easter Egg Design

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COVID-19 may have led to quarantines and lockdowns but that hasn’t stopped Pac Biz employees from celebrating Easter the safe and creative way. There’s no need for employees to deprive themselves of fun-filled activities after all, and that’s why Pac Biz held a contest for Ugliest Easter Egg Design 2020.

Pac Biz interviewed the winners and found that they had a lot to say about the process.

Grand Winners:

  • Sweit Micah
  • Sheena

Consolation Prize

  • Sharmaine

Sweit Micah’s Entry

Sheena’s Entry

How did you feel when you joined the competition?

Sweit Micah: I felt challenged with the competition because Pac Biz employees are very creative. Due to ECQ, they have more time to think about what should be the best design to win the contest.

Sheena: I was very excited to showcase my creativity skills and to join my first ever competition in PacBiz.

Sharmaine: To be honest, when I first saw the post about the competition, I was not really interested in it, since I’m very lazy when it comes to crafts.

What inspired you to come up with your Easter Egg design?

Sweit Micah: Since the coronavirus is very prevalent nowadays, I was inspired by defeating the virus by helping each other with the right information, following the instructions and rules on what is implemented, and helping those people in need with love.

Sheena: The egg design was inspired by zombies. When I think of “ugly,” I usually think of gory things. 

Sharmaine: While watching The Walking Dead, it gave me the idea of creating one of those zombies and I asked my cousin “How about creating a zombie egg? That would be fun right?”

How was it for you when you competed with others?

Sweit Micah: It was really exciting and fun competing with others. You won’t really know what they will come up with.

Sheena: I am very competitive as a person, so I wanted to win. I made sure that I did something unique and crafted a piece worth winning.

Sharmaine: It was actually fun competing with others; it was fun seeing their masterpieces as well!

The winning moment. What happened?

Sweit Micah: Honestly, I did not expect that I will win. When they announced the winner, I was shocked and proud of what I made since it was made with heart. Making it in the middle of the night was stressful, but all of it paid off.

Sheena Abines: I asked my family and friends to help me share the poll and vote for my design. I was overwhelmed because I did not expect to receive so much support from my family and friends on Facebook.

Sharmaine: The winning moment? I wasn’t even expecting it.


Behind the Scenes

How do you think you won the competition?

Sweit Micah: I think the reason I won the competition were the materials I used, like the old bowling pin toy of my daughter and the things I usually used in my daily routine like cotton balls and cotton buds, which are not commonly used.

Sheena Abines: The process of creating my design took patience because I had to do a paper-mache in order to give it a 3d structure. I think the judges also appreciated the process of the design.

Sharmaine: I thought I might get disqualified for using more than one egg but then, there I was.

Any Creativity Tips During the ECQ?

Sweit Micah: Be creative in terms of food to cook, be resourceful with the things you see in and outside of your house and be innovative on the ideas of improving the place you live. 

Sheena Abines: Always check out for new ways to develop your creativity skills.

Sharmaine: Focus on being productive instead of being busy!

COVID-19 surely didn’t stop these Pac Biz employees from celebrating Easter in their own little ways, allowing them to flex their creativity. The team hopes to overcome the challenges they may face during the enhanced community quarantine, ensuring that they work together to retain Pac Biz’s people-centered culture.

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