A Look Back: Pac Biz First Half Of 2020

A Look Back: Pac Biz First Half Of 2020

The First Half of 2020 Has Been Exciting for Pac Biz Employees

It’s only been halfway through the year, and we’ve already experienced plenty of twists and turns along the way, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting a lot of employees. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fruitful, however, as there’s still plenty to take away.


The year kicked off with a Sinulog event to commemorate the celebration of the child Jesus, the Santo Niño. Pac Biz employees could be seen in their costumes on the Pac Biz parking grounds performing the Sinulog Festival Dance.




In February was the Pac Biz Jam. What started out as a gathering for Pac Biz employees turned into a celebration with the theme GUGMA, which also recognized top performers in the company. 



Photo by Abby Cadeliña (fb.com/abbygay.cadelina)


In March was a planned sportsfest, which was cancelled due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to that, however, Co-Founder Eric Mulvin and his family came to visit and organized a photowalk with Pac Biz employees. During Eric’s visit, Pac Biz also conducted a Women Empowerment Talk with Karen Cepeda, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience at SmashTech, which Pac Biz intends to continue virtually.



It was in April when Pac Biz organized the Ugliest Easter Egg contest, which was done online, showcasing the talent and artistry of Pac Biz employees. April’s PB Connect featured Bob Grunstein, Co-Founder of Pac Biz and Harish Varma, founder of Solvice. PB Connect is a ub where guests give talks on a wide range of topics.




As Pac Biz employees celebrate Mothers’ Day, Pac Biz organized an activity to make cards. This is a way to foster creativity as well. Yoga sessions also started every Tuesday with local yogi Laura Pearce to help ease anxiety during COVID-19, as well as a variety show with Eric as a way to communicate among departments.




Finally, in June was PB Connects which featured Claire Grunstein, owner of Fabrics That Go on how to survive in these trying times. During Fathers’ Day, Pac Biz also organized a coffee painting session. Of course, since June was Pride Month, it would be fitting for Pac Biz to celebrate in support of the LGBTQ+ family.


The year may be rough but the end is still months away. As Pac Biz employees weather through the pandemic, it’s best to be optimistic about the things to come, regardless of whatever they may be. Pac Biz will continue to foster growth among its employees.


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