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The BPO Father: How a Dad Juggles Work & Family

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Being a parent is something you cannot impose on a person who is not ready. Having a complete family is a great blessing, according to Kenneth, one of the pioneers in the Pac Biz family. Sleep at day, work at night. This is a routine for Kenneth. As a father to three little kids, Kyle Chrislane, KD, and Kathleen, it is quite a struggle to give time to his little angels.


Kenneth as a Provider

Before entering the BPO world, Kenneth was once an OFW teaching English to kids in Thailand. He stayed there for 7 long years longing for his family. He returned to the Philippines in search of a better job that will not entail going outside the country. At the time of the BPO industry boom, he hopped into the company dealing with stress and sleepless nights from other companies. In the middle of being a BPO employee, he then met his wife and got married last 2013, and got blessed with 3 little angels.

In October 2016, he is one of the pioneering employees of Pac Biz. He told us that he just tried his luck to find a better company with a better incentive scheme. He expressed that out of all the BPO companies he applied to, this is the first time he felt welcome from the application process, to the production assignment. 

Kenneth as a Father

As per Filipino tradition, Kenneth celebrates Christmas with in-laws. There was never a year that they missed a reunion. Being family-oriented, Kenneth expressed that it is quite a struggle to juggle work and family. As a BPO employee and a dad at the same time, he makes sure that he can be flexible all the time. To do that, he maintains an active role in the household other than being a dad and a husband. He is fond of landscaping their garden, being a gardener of their little place, being a mechanic if ever their motorcycle got jammed, or a supportive husband to his wife’s business. At times, he is very spontaneous on travel and would take his family to parks just like last week when they went to Tanjay and Bais parks to see the mesmerizing view of Christmas decorations.


Kenneth as a Career Dad

Being asked about his future endeavors, Kenneth expressed that he would like to put up a business in line with his wife’s pastry entrepreneurship. Currently, Kenneth is a pioneering representative of the new account of Pac Biz and is training hard to learn the ways to the account. It’s his first time to encounter such an account and felt a little nervous to take over. However, as a person full of hope, he said that he can set the expectation and kept telling himself he can do it. Truly, the inspiration of family takes you a lot further than you can expect. His resilience to hard situations whether at work or family makes him a great asset to the team. Kenneth inspires others to value stability, family, and hard work.


Pac Biz is very interested in all its employee’s lives just like Kenneth’s. Let us hear yours now! Head on to this link to become a member of our growing family:

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