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Productivity Apps to Help You at Work

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See How These Apps Can Make You More Productive

As technology progresses, so has the purpose of apps. The work environment for many people can be incredibly hectic and it’s hard for many out there to stay productive. They take plenty of forms and are rather useful depending on your needs. Here are some that you ought to look into.


Slack is one of the fastest-growing platforms of all time. Slack aims to boost productivity as a communication app that’s packed full of features, allowing messages among co-workers and project teams to be more organized and easily searchable, making interaction more achievable even when we’re all working from home. You can easily share videos, images, and more on slack, allowing for a more conducive environment.


As far as project management apps go, Trello is one of the go-to platforms for many. Users of Trello are able to break down projects into smaller tasks, allowing them to be more organized, making workflows move more smoothly while producing amazing results in the long run. Its quirky and intuitive UI makes it a breeze to use.


It can be a pain, remembering every password of your online accounts. LastPass stores and organizes your passwords to help you log in seamlessly. Just install the browser extension and you can use LastPass right away. It’s a good way to keep your passwords in one place, all while keeping them secure.

Google Calendar

Why should we discount the old and reliable Google Calendar? It’s a convenient way to keep track of your tasks throughout the week, and it even allows you to set alarms to ensure that you get your tasks in order. Integrated with numerous appointment setting tools, it’s easy to set dates and the like with Google Calendar.

Whether it’s for project management, appointment setting, and others, there’s always an app for you available to use. For added productivity in the workplace, then you can always make use of advances in technology, especially through apps, to help you out. With our flexibility and dynamism here at Pac Biz, we’re always pushing our employees to be better each and every day.

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