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A Fun and Memorable Night at Pac Biz Jam 2020

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It’s been a great start for Pac Biz this year. Every February, it’s a tradition to celebrate the love month with Pac Biz Jam. This year, the theme was “GUGMA ESPESYAL,” a special night full of heartwarming love songs. Pac Biz family reunited for a night of good music, good food, and good laughs. Held at the rooftop of the building facility, the venue gave more definition to an open mic night dedicated to employee appreciation for giving warm, true love to each for their jobs.


Pac Biz Talents

It’s true that every Filipino you meet loves to sing. Pac Biz is not an exemption to have good singers and performers. Because the Culture Committee organized this by account, it’s a great event to celebrate workmates’ talents in singing and making everyone feel the love in the air. Just seeing them live lets us bond more through the same denominator, which is the love for music.


Special Performance: Madame Elle

As an open mic event, the committee decided to invite a local stand up comedian, Madame Elle. Madame Elle’s humor is on point and no dead air was served. She lip-synced the most popular songs of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, serving great show of comedy and drag realness!




Open Mic

To the end part of the event, an open mic started with a special guest, Kim, who rendered a soulful performance that set the bar even higher. Open Mic continued until the last minute of the event for volunteers.

Every note and every voice heard was a sign of how fun the workplace is. The Pac Biz family never fails to provide good company and entertainment. If you want to be part of us and enjoy the events that we have for you, head on to the careers section for available job posts!

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