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Maintaining Employee Engagement During COVID-19

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A Pulse Survey by Great Place To Work PH for Pac Biz Shows How to Keep Employee Morale Up.

Keeping employee morale up during COVID-19 means keeping employee productivity up. One way to keep morale up is through engagement. Pac Biz has been continually developing employee morale and learning about their needs, especially during the pandemic, where everyone’s morale can be a little on the lower end.

That said, Pac Biz recently conducted a survey on what it takes to be a great place to work in. 

Support and Engagement

For instance, when they were asked if the company supports them for their responsibilities at home, a good 73% in non-management roles agreed. 68% also stated that management usually involves employees in the decision-making process.

All those in management positions stated that they’re supported to care for their responsibilities at home, with the same 100% stating that the company involves people in decision-making.

Financial Security

During the pandemic, financial security has become a prominent issue among employees. In this regard, there’s a disparity between those who agree and disagree whether or not they feel financially secure. 39% disagreed and 26% agreed. 35% remained neutral so it’s a close call.

50% of entry to mid-level managers aren’t too worried about their financial security while those in senior management agree 100%. 

Management and Belongingness

Although the results of financial security may not have been favorable, around 70% of employees stated that management actually delivers on their promises, and 86% of them agreed that management also informs them of big decisions for the company. The same number also felt like they belonged to the team.

Those in management positions agree 100% that the company delivers its promises and that it informs everyone of big decisions, feeling like they belong to the team.

Speaking Up

75% of employees stated that management seeks to listen to comments and suggestions. 58% of them feel safe when speaking out, although 36% of them stay neutral in this regard, with 75% of employees also feeling that management shows sincere interest in them as people, and not as mere employees.

For managers, save for safety when speaking up, at 79%, 100% of managers agree with the parameters above.


77% of employees feel that Pac Biz is a mentally and emotionally healthy place to work, with the same percentage feeling that people at Pac Biz are quick to adapt to changes. 100% of managers agree that Pac Biz is a great place for people’s well-being.

What It All Means

The data shows that maintaining employee engagement always entails involving both employees and management in decision-making and having them feel that they belong to the team, with the company supporting employees’ personal needs as well. In turn, they will feel more fulfilled and will always be ready to work for the good of the company.

For the most part, employees and managers feel that they can engage in many various activities, workflow, and decision-making processes that will affect the company positively. It’s understandable that most of them are worried about financial security with COVID-19 around but rest assured that Pac Biz will always keep its commitment to being a people-centered company, regardless of what may happen.

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