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January 2020 Events Highlights

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Getting the New Year on the right note is definitely a mantra for Pac Biz. January highlights the abundance of talent, environmental awareness, and fitness for Pac Biz employees. Here are some important events for the month of January:

NCNS Team Competes for Mobile Legends Tournament

Pac Biz Mobile Legends Team, also known as NCNS (No Choke, No Surrender), came to the land of the Abyss last January 12, 2020 at the Marketplace Dumaguete City to compete. Though the team did not win, it’s a remarkable time to inaugurate the first Pac Biz Online Gaming Organization.

Weekly Zumba Fitness

The Culture Committee had begun a campaign to improve the entire well-being of Pac Biz employees, more specifically, their fitness. This led to the start of Zumba Sessions led by Recruitment Officer Thom. Every Friday, 5 pm – 6 pm on the first floor of the D’Rose building, Pac Biz employees and neighboring communities participate in the beats of Zumba dance routines, getting those feet pounding and limbs moving on a goal to a healthier 2020.


Zero Waste Management

As part of Pac Biz’s holistic development, the Culture Committee decided to participate in Dumaguete City’s advocacy to make the city a zero-waste zone for 2020. This will include the reduction of plastic waste, especially in the pantry area. Employees are encouraged to use reusable utensils and get rid of take-out boxes by bringing packed lunches using reusable containers. Adopting this habit can surely pave the way to a better community.


Sinulog in Pac Biz

The biggest Filipino Festival cannot be missed by Pac Biz! Employees will dance their way to the heart of the Child Jesus to commemorate the celebration of the Santo Niño. At the end of the month, costumes and ensembles were seen and heard on Pac Biz parking grounds. This was taken up to production where dancers coming from the Training Department perform the Sinulog Festival Dance.



Good vibes for a headstart is undeniably felt here. Getting more of our employees to engage in these activities proves that we are happy with what we do. Be part of our growing family this 2020! Apply here:

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