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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Working Remotely

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More often than not, working from home can definitely drain you and make you lose motivation. Although telecommuting lets you avoid the hassles of having to travel to the office, studies have shown that workers who work from home, even with the increase in productivity, tend to find it hard to find work-life balance. 

How do employees at Pac Biz stay motivated while working from home? Here, we learn about how these employees start their day as they log on.

Irish Cimafranca

“I start my workday by making sure everything that my kids need is all set, as well as mine. I can’ start my work well without my pain relief rub as it relaxes my mind whenever work pressure arises and also without my tumbler full of cold water. I also have my mirror so I can my expressions while talking to customers.

I am a mother of 7 and I am so blessed to be part of Pac Biz, where I have been treated like family, understood as a friend, and recognized as a person.”


Leira Ceriales

“Definitely with a declaration of blessings, favor, and positivity. Not just for me but also for the company. Also, prayer—very important. As agents, we need to be composed and very patient given the field of work that we have.

I’d also need coffee for sure. I prayed for this job. I don’t want the answers to go to waste.”


Charmaine Tatoy

“Working from home gives me the opportunity to be with my family and spend more time, especially with my children. Before I start my shift, I also make it sure my office bag is at my side at all times. It’s just that I feel something is missing without my office bag with me. I have all my important stuff in it, like my water tumbler.


Working from home provides and gives me the time I can be with my family. I love working at home but I also miss working in the office. Wherever I will be working, I’ll be fine with it as long as everyone and everything will be back to where it used to. I will be glad to embrace it with the help of our Almighty.” 

If you’re telecommuting, then you could always learn a thing or two from the Pac Biz employees above. How about you? How do you stay motivated working from home? How do you go about your day? As the pandemic isn’t going away yet, working from home is simply the best course of action. By staying motivated, you’ll find that it can be more fulfilling than staying in the office. Learn about our culture here at Pac Biz.

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