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How Employees Feel Appreciated at Work

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Employees will always need to feel appreciated in the workplace, regardless of what the job function may be. To gain some perspective, we asked Pac Biz employees about how they feel appreciated at work⁠—how they feel recognized, how they are given feedback for what they do, how their own feedback is valued, the benefits they receive, and how the company is helping them improve continuously.


Sam Ferrolino says that “My bosses are really working hard to reach out to and communicate with each and every employee. Knowing that I can rely on them for any kind of help and support gives me a fulfilled sense of worth as an employee. Communication is a two-way street… When recognizing an issue or problem,” Sam adds, “providing feedback is the clearest, quickest way to encourage a change in behavior. It can help a co-worker focus on the key areas he or she needs to work on.”



Another employee, Gibson Onrejas says that he feels recognized when “ . . .  my work and efforts are being appreciated. It will make employees feel like they are being valued and that they matter to the company. It will boost someone else’s morale and will definitely motivate them to work harder.” 

When it comes to feedback, he says that he “ . . . always takes feedback the positive way and I always see feedback as an opportunity for me to grow. Smash leaders have been doing a great job of giving me their feedback.” He says that the company always tries to take action on every feedback received.



Macario Maquiling Jr. has a more practical take. “I feel valued through the incentives in monetary by month and the rice that I receive every 3 months,” which boosts his confidence to provide quality customer service. “I ‘ve been given feedback on a weekly basis through call in our group chat or during our monthly meeting to show us where I need to improve on and also on where I excel.

For each of them, the feeling that they’re valued in the company is what drives them to continuously improve and develop themselves as employees and the healthcare benefits, performance bonuses, and annual appraisals they get also inspire them to excel as Pac Biz employees.

It’s essential that Pac Biz employees have close ties to each other and to the company, and the company understands that the employees also seek meaning, appreciation, and validation in everything that they do in the office. That’s what makes Pac Biz stand out as being a people-centered company.



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