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Employee Spotlight: The Positivity Magnet

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“Think about the brighter side. Dwelling in negativity will consume you,”

24-year-old Gladys Burton discusses how Pac Biz made her more mature in her career. Gladys was raised in Manila, Philippines and took up College in Siquijor before she ventured to work in one of the call centers in Dumaguete City. Given that she is the eldest among her three siblings, she felt a responsibility to be financially capable to support her younger sister’s schooling. 

Having made to work on night shifts for more than 2 years, she felt stagnant growth in her past company making her leave. Exhausted, the positive and bubbly Gladys slowly became unmotivated. However, with the willingness to find her passion and her true character, she moved to another company in the same city. She never knew could give her the best moments of her professional life.


Regaining the Gladys She Was

Dealing with different customers as a taxi call taker, cross-training, and having motivational managers made her feel she was back in school. She sees team leaders as mentors, co-agents as classmates, and managers as principals who are willing to explore different strategies and assess risks to serve customers better.

Within a few weeks with Pac Biz’s work environment, Gladys was able to regain her sunny disposition and has become determined to learn more. More importantly, she knew her efforts are being acknowledged, and this made her appreciate her line of work. Gladys comes to work excited every day, prepared to learn new things and to inspire her colleagues to look at the bright side of life. 



Work-Life Balance

Gladys distinguishes herself as a people-person, who enjoys the company of others, exciting adventures, be it short joy rides or a team-building activity. Just this year, she traveled to Sipalay and never felt more blessed after realizing that the promise she made herself to be financially independent and be able to support her family has finally been fulfilled. As a typical Dumagueteña, she enjoys going to local coffee shops, eating comfort food, and watching beauty vlogs. As a positivity enthusiast, she enjoys the energy given by makeup vloggers like Michelle Dy and Anne Clutz. 


Gladys’ Positivity

Currently, Gladys is a call representative for a Birmingham taxi account but she still manages to challenge herself by training in other platforms and applying for higher positions. The best advantage she has given herself is her ability to listen to constructive criticism.

Negativity is never an option for her, and she doesn’t let it ruin her day. Her patience is so great, bullies don’t even get to her. She believes Pac Biz has made her more mature in many ways, especially when it comes to dealing with people.

We asked Gladys about what she learned from Pac Biz, and she said the company lead her to become a better version of herself because it’s a pro-employee company.

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