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Calligraphy Class with Thom: The Perfect Way to Express Yourself

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Thom Gives Insight on What Got Him Into Calligraphy and Why You Should Too

With the calligraphy on July 11 fast approaching, there’s a lot to be excited about. The event is to be conducted by Thom, a Pac Biz employee, who’s looking to share his knowledge about calligraphy. If you’re wondering about why Thom has been more than willing to do this, we’ve interviewed him about how it changed his life.

1. What got you into calligraphy?
I honestly didn’t think of this as a hobby. I’ve seen posts from friends on Facebook of their artworks and types of pens they used way back in 2017. When I got the chance to visit Cebu, I came across a store selling brush pens for 3 pieces for a hundred pesos. I bought it just to see if this is something I really wanna do. Then, I found myself practicing during my shift in the office. 


2. How do you think calligraphy will help Pac Biz employees?
It’s a beautiful hobby. It can help you express emotions in an artful way. Other artists would even sell their artwork or take commissions. This is also a way of supporting yourself. Since it’s pandemic and buying artworks of people might not be a priority, calligraphy is still available for people to learn and enjoy. Mainly for the art.


3.Would you recommend calligraphy to others? Why?
I would recommend calligraphy. Mainly for art. It’s something people can’t take away from you. 


About Calligraphy Class With Thom

This Saturday’s online event will start at 3:30 PM and end at 5 PM. It will be about creating a bookmark and using indegenous materials and incorporating watercolor painting techniques.

Below are the things needed for the event:

  1. Folder cut into 6″x3″
  2. Watercolor or any ingredients/plants that can produce color (i.e. achuete, coffee, milo or alugbati seeds)
  3. Brush
  4. Pencil
  5. Pentel pen/Color pens/Brush pens
  6. Palette/Tupperware/plastic cups for water
  7. Ribbon and puncher (not compulsory)


Here’s the schedule of activities:

3:30 PM – Prayer

3:35 PM – Introduction/What is Calligraphy?

3:50 PM – Bookmark painting

4:00 PM – Learn how to do lettering

4:50 PM – Takeaways

5:00 PM – Closing 

The virtual event is open to Pac Biz employees who want to take a load off of working from home. If you want to join the event, then feel free to do so. Make sure you gather all the materials beforehand. Check out the Facebook event page for more information on how you can join. 

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