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Be A Blessing Feature: How Pac Biz’s Smashtech Team is Giving Back

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The Smashtech Team’s Be a Blessing Program Aims to Help Those Who Need It the Most

This year, Pac Biz’s Smash Morning Team started the Be a Blessing Program to help those who are in need, sharing financial support and donations collected from Pac Biz employees who are more than willing to share what they have for the benefit of others, especially those heavily affected by the current pandemic.

The Backstory

More than a voluntary giving of help, this charity initiative looks to best serve its community out of the goodness of the participants’ hearts and from the products of their work in Pac Biz.

A member of the Smashtech Team, Irish Blanco shared her thoughts on how the Be a Blessing Program came about and the inspiration behind it:

“It all started with me seeing this blind guy’s post on Facebook offering his massage home- service,” she said. “At this time of crisis, what the majority has been posting was about asking for help financially, this PWD [person with disability] was offering his service to earn money. Right there and then, the guy earned my respect! A simple idea of sharing a five-kilo [sack of] rice to this guy came to mind. Then, I realized it’s actually not that easy to hand over the sack of rice to him; you know he was blind, and he lives somewhere far from the city, so when the pay date came closer I decided to share it to my colleagues mostly in the morning shift.”

It was then that Irish and the others got the idea.

“They were very willing to take part in that gift giving so what happened was, it was not just a five-kilo [sack] of rice we shared. We had groceries for him and his family, and when we contacted him, we set a back massage appointment to surprise him somehow,” Irish continued. “And that was where it all began. The feeling of being able to help and share our blessings is something that not all of us are given the chance to experience. So we decided to do it every pay. We would randomly select a recipient, we share anything may it be in cash or in kind.”

The Results

Since June, the tireless group has helped six extraordinary recipients:

  1. Kuya Romelito, the blind massage therapist who first inspired the team
  2. Baby Bless, a toddler in need of medical resources but whose parents are jobless because of the pandemic
  3. Baby Fernandez, an eight-month-old infant who was badly hurt in an accident in his mother’s soup business
  4. Nanay Cita, a struggling senior citizen mother who has two sons with mental illness
  5. Nanay Neneng, a hardworking mother who sells sweet corn at the Pac Biz office every day
  6. Baby Althea, a one-year-old toddler who is now battling a form of blood cancer

The initiative started from a small group of nine but now has a total of 26 individuals. Currently, plans are underway to officially launch the group internally as a way to more effectively give back to the community. What’s more is that everyone is welcome to join the group and help out in any way they can.

For anyone interested in joining this worthy cause, they can contact the Smash Morning Team by emailing them at

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