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A Look Back: Pac Biz in 2019

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When employees work under stressful conditions, their potential to deliver the best service becomes stifled. As a company grows, it’s important to recognize that your employees need an avenue to relieve their stress and to express their creativity. Company events help a lot in maintaining balance at work. Pac Biz believes that events help build communication and teamwork skills. This helps our employees stay connected to a positive environment.

As 2020 closes in, we look back at the year that was. Here’s a little glimpse of the events we had in 2019:


Pac Biz Pool Party/Summer Outing

A significant number of Pac Biz employees are millennials. As a generation that values meaningful fun, we made sure to pick the theme they liked the most. This year’s summer outing was Bohemian-themed. Held last May 2019, this fun-filled activity was made memorable through different production numbers from employees, great food and an intimate venue. The party is also a conclusion to the months-long Biggest Loser Challenge wherein participants unveil their weight loss journey.

Sports fest 2019

Pac Biz has maintained an atmosphere of positive teamwork and friendly competition. In the spirit of sportsmanship and physical well-being, we help the annual Pac Biz Sportsfest at a local gym. Each team had representatives for different sports, from volleyball to chess.


Pac Biz 200 & Christmas Party

We held a glamorous Christmas party to commemorate the biggest milestone yet for Pac Biz — making 200 employees before the end of the year. Each employee starting from the pioneers to the latest batch were recognized with a certificate and a badge!

Work-Life balance does not only make it to outdoor activities but also recognized in a formal event. Truly, the family atmosphere is felt during this event since it’s also the year-end celebration of Pac Biz for 2019.


ICT Events

As a company that believes in the employee-led approach, Pac Biz joined ICT Dumaguete, a Local Government Unit-accredited organization, as one of the member partners BPO Companies. Pac Biz employees joined several events such as ICT Amazing Race and Talent Night. 

The event was to raise awareness about the booming ICT industry in Dumaguete, and its links to the academe, government, and local businesses. Pac Biz is gearing up to collaborate with other BPO companies for volunteer charity work, and other outreach activities. 




Over the year, Pac Biz has improved its legacy of having an employee-led environment. We have managed employee retention rates to great levels through different work-life balance programs. 

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