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5 Awesome Virtual Events for Remote Teams

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The Internet Provides for a Lot of Possibilities for Remote Workers

Stuck working from home and want to have some fun with the rest of the team? The internet has paved the way for a lot of possibilities for remote teams. Virtual activities are perfect for those looking to unwind with teammates.

Here are five events that are just perfect for remote teams.

Trivia Nights and Quiz Bees

Test your knowledge and have a little fun by joining online trivia nights. They can easily be conducted through the internet and may be all about certain topics. If you’re planning to join an online trivia night or quiz bee, it’s the perfect time to read up.


It would have been unimaginable to hold yoga classes online, but it’s actually really simple. All you need is to be in front of a webcam and follow the instructor on the other side. In fact, Pac Biz has done this with employees who were looking for a respite while working from home. It’s a great way to break some sweat and get fit.



For something a little more relaxing, online calligraphy classes are a surefire way for remote teams to take a load off of their busy schedules. With every stroke of a brush, guided by an instructor on the other side, it’s an experience that will put employees at ease.

Pac Biz is also holding online calligraphy classes to be conducted by Thom, a Pac Biz employee. The class is open to those part of the Pac Biz team and will be held this July 11, starting at 3:30 PM.

Virtual Hubs and Talks

Whether it’s about learning a new skill or motivational talks, virtual hubs can essentially be done at the comfort of every worker’s home. If you need some motivation or are in it to learn something new, joining virtual hubs and talks is the perfect way to gain some insight on many different aspects of certain topics.


Online Gaming

Online games have come a long way, and many gamers have access to online gaming on their smartphones. Teams can hold competitions and tournaments for online games such as Mobile Legends, Valorant, and more. With the right equipment and software, these games can even be streamed for everyone else to view.


Being stuck working at home doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in some camaraderie with your teammates. There are a whole lot more that remote teams can do to keep everyone closely knit. At Pac Biz, we make sure that our remote teams feel fulfilled and connected with each other, even when telecommuting.

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