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Applies to all Dumaguete-based (and surrounding municipalities) hires only. Remote hires may have a different set of benefits.

  • HMO Coverage

    Probationary and Regular Employees

  • Overtime Pay

    Overtime Pay 30% in excess of 40 hours per week

  • Health Protocols

    We have strict health protocols in place to protect our agents. Learn More.

  • Night Differential

    20% Night Differential from 10 PM - 6 AM

  • Leave Benefits

    Leaves Up to 89% Convertible to cash. 12 Sick Leaves, 12 Vacation Leaves and 3 Bereavement Leaves.

  • Guaranteed Annual Increase

    2% - 5% of Basic Pay (Based on Performance)

  • Work from Home

    Qualified agents are provided with basic equipment for work at home setups.