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Productivity Apps to Help You at Work

As technology progresses, so has the purpose of apps. They take plenty of forms and are rather useful depending on your needs. Here are some that you ought to look into.


How Employees Feel Appreciated at Work

Employees will always need to feel appreciated in the workplace, regardless of what the job function may be. To gain some perspective, we asked Pac


January 2020 Events Highlights

Getting the New Year on the right note is definitely a mantra for Pac Biz. January highlights the abundance of talent, environmental awareness, and fitness


A Look Back: Pac Biz in 2019

When employees work under stressful conditions, their potential to deliver the best service becomes stifled. As a company grows, it’s important to recognize that your

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: The Positivity Magnet

“Think about the brighter side. Dwelling in negativity will consume you,” 24-year-old Gladys Burton discusses how Pac Biz made her more mature in her career.